Huge Productivity & Financial Benefits

Small team – 1 BLASTRAC operator per system. 4 in total for a full prep and paint team typical for helidecks. Reduced POB and reduced equipment footprint. All BLASTRAC operatives also have full painting skills to allow assistance to the paint team

Increased productivity – Unit can achieve between 5m2/hr – 25m2/hr.

Safe - Suitable for use in hazardous Zone II areas due to low impact energy readings. Removes manual handling and HAVS issues as unit operated using small joystick controls

Closed circuit system recycles shot media and collects dust and grit, eliminating waste and removing time consuming clean-up. No environmental impact.

No SIMOPS issues  - several trades can work in close proximity as there is no large spread of equipment, no large scaffolding / canopy so no congestion occurs.

Single power supply - no need for air compressor or refuelling and the unit ties into the platform shutdown system

Quality is controlled – once the standard is set it can be achieved time after time

Why BME And Blastrac?

  • 5 year exclusive Oil and Gas relationship
  • Jointly developed the Hazardous Area Machine
  • Full technical support from Blastrac design team
  • 24/7 global service
  • Large fleet of units
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Service accepted by CAA and HCA working within CAP437

Compare The Alternatives

 BME MethodConventional blasting
Team size Up to 4 6-10
Laydown area required Small area Large area
Habitat No Yes
Clean up Minimal Significant
Environmental impact Zero Significant
Safety risk Minimal Very high
Time to prepare and paint typical 500m2 deck Under 7 days 14 plus days
  • SNEPCOBonga Sea Eagle Decks, walkways, laydown areas
  • Total ElginWalkways, zone II module floors
  • ClaymoreHelideck
  • TiffneyWalkways
  • BP MagnusHelideck, walkways, laydown decks
  • CNR NinianCentral decks for composite application
  • Shell Brent CHelideck
  • Shell GannetHelideck
  • EverestHelideck
  • Harland & WolffFerry decks
  • Garvel GreenockFerry decks, hulls, tanks
  • Captain ALQRoof deck
  • Repsol AukLaydown deck
  • Leith shipyardHulls, car decks, tanks

Part of the BME Group World Class Industrial Services

Hazardous Area and Industrial Lighting Solutions

Purchased by BME Group in 2015, Nitech has now been designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for over 40 years. The business was relocated to Aberdeen and the R&D department spent 3 years designing the innovative Zone I product range.

As the OEM of the product, in full control of the build and the aftermarket service, we can offer a best-in-class solution. As a UK manufacturer, we minimise your carbon footprint and eliminate any customs and import duties.

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Hydraulic hose assembly, pressure testing and HAVS Certification

BME Group opened its hydraulic and hose assembly division in 2019, located in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. With workshops and pressure test bays the facility can provide fast reaction services to local industries and the mobile van service can manufacture on-site at your location. The business owns its own hose management and tagging system and a calibrated HAVS monitoring system which can provide you with HAVS certification for your tools. We carry a wide range of hoses and fittings to meet most clients’ needs.

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