Complete Helideck Refurbishment Service, Onshore & Offshore

Fast, Efficient & Fully Certified Helideck Surface Preparation & Coating


  • Pre-project shortfall surveys of existing helideck
  • Bespoke drawings that meet the latest local aviation standards
  • Project management in communication with the client and the HCA/local aviation authority


  • Coatings removal with Blastrac
  • Surface friction application
  • Environmental testing
  • Coatings application


  • Friction testing
  • Technical certification package
  • Friction certification guaranteed before leaving the asset







Custom Surface Preparation, developed for Helidecks

BME create value through efficient coatings removal and friction surface application. The Blastrac method removes the need for habitats with its built-in blast media recycling, and 100% waste recovery system. Minimal clean-up is required, and there is no danger of damage to the environment. The results are guaranteed due to the multifunction programming ability of the machine to suit the surface preparation requirements. BME have an exclusive relationship with BLASTRAC / HUSQVARNA and developed a custom Blastrac model and process capable of operating in Zone II hazardous areas. BME own a large fleet of Blastrac units and employ a reliable, trustworthy, highly skilled workforce. Our expert onsite operations and maintenance services ensure a world-class outcome for the client with guaranteed results and satisfaction.

  • Blastrac 500E
  • Blastrac 350E/EX
  • Blastrac 1-8

Helideck Friction Testing & Certification

BME Provide the client with a friction test and valid certificate for the client’s helideck certification folder. We use the Findlay Irvine helideck friction tester, the worldwide industry standard system that incorporates the globally recognised braked wheel technique.

Included as part of the friction test service, BME senior engineers offer a technical survey on the existing helideck coatings and markings, and offer a shortfall report in compliance to local aviation standards. (CAP437, HSAC163, CAD1406, AMC71, NORMAM223)

  • Trained and endorsed by the HCA
  • Braked wheel technique testing
  • Readings securely stored
  • Detailed friction report
  • Detailed shortfall survey report

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We have carried out extensive research into helideck refurbishment, with a particular focus on raised and perforated aluminium helidecks.

BME employs its own in-house, degree-qualified engineering team who create bespoke drawing and work packs relevant to the helideck and the location it will be working in. We have prepared flight decks on aircraft carriers, oil platforms, FPSO, flotels, drilling rigs, cranes and hospitals.

Our methods are tried and tested with proven success. From survey/drawings /TLN and surface preparation through to coatings application and friction testing, we offer a one-stop shop approach to make your helideck refurbishment easy to manage.

Surface Preparation & Coating Services

BME offer a variety of services related to surface preparation and coatings application. We developed the Blastrac 350EX to carry out 100% recyclable deck blasting in live areas onboard oil production platforms, including Zone II areas. The method is proven to save money on walkway campaigns through time savings, reduced clean up and the ability for SIMOPS.

We also have a large fleet of UHP machines and VertiDrive for carrying out coating removal, in drydocks and at sea, for the marine and ferry industries.

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for all decks and walkways


for marine vessels, flat bottoms, sides and tank farm walls

UHP lance

UHP lance
for areas hard to reach

Painters for coatings

coating services

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Hazardous Area and Industrial Lighting Solutions

Purchased by BME Group in 2015, Nitech has now been designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for over 40 years. The business was relocated to Aberdeen and the R&D department spent 3 years designing the innovative Zone I product range.

As the OEM of the product, in full control of the build and the aftermarket service, we can offer a best-in-class solution. As a UK manufacturer, we minimise your carbon footprint and eliminate any customs and import duties.

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Hydraulic hose assembly, pressure testing and HAVS Certification

BME Group opened its hydraulic and hose assembly division in 2019, located in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. With workshops and pressure test bays the facility can provide fast reaction services to local industries and the mobile van service can manufacture on-site at your location. The business owns its own hose management and tagging system and a calibrated HAVS monitoring system which can provide you with HAVS certification for your tools. We carry a wide range of hoses and fittings to meet most clients’ needs.

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