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BME offer a revolutionary method of blasting all decks back to parent metal so they can be inspected – repaired – coated.

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Our advanced Blastrac machines enable us to remove paint, coatings, sealants and contaminants quickly and with very little clean-up required. Small operating teams keep your costs down, reducing POB and transport. 

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Carrying out surface preparation on all types of walkways, laydown areas, decks, modules and helidecks, we ensure that environmental and safety impacts are minimised while offering vastly increased productivity.

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On aluminium helidecks we do not affect the parent metal and create the finish required under CAP437 for FRICTION testing.

Benefits Of Using Blastrac

The only proven Blastrac system suitable for use in Hazardous areas in the Oil & Gas Sector.

  • Only 1 operator per system
  • Suitable for use in Zone II areas
  • Dust & grit free
  • Removes HAVS issues
  • Increased productivity – unit can achieve between 15 - 25m2/hr
  • No need for air compressor
  • Removes manual handling
  • Removes time consuming clean-up of conventional methods
  • Recycles shot media unlike conventional methods
  • Full painting skills to allow assistance to paint team
  • Unit ties into platform shutdown system
  • Reduced POB & helicopter seating
  • Removes SIMOPS issues


Global NORM Management & Decommissioning Services

BME Services have their own fleet of CCUs (Cleaning and Containment Units) which provide a mobile, safe, controlled area to allow the decommissioning of all the client's NORM contaminated components.

From radiation contamination surveys through to disposal of NORM waste, we cover the entire decontamination process to allow your valuable equipment to be re-used, refurbished or recycled.

Our fully integrated, quality assured, cradle to grave NORM Management Service has been assessed to be compliant with international Health, Safety & Environmental Standards and all decontamination and disposal is fully recorded.

Unique, Reduced Footprint Cleaning Station

The CCU is fully mobile, the system gets located in a barrier area that becomes the controlled area.

The BME Services Wash Bay & Aftermarket Facility

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The cleaning facility has been developed to safely and securely handle various products from valves and spools to cooler plates and subsea templates.

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As part of BME Services’ full engineering package, the BME Industrial Wash Bay facility in Bridge of Don, provides a fast and efficient turnaround on UHP and HP water jetting operations carried out by our highly trained operators. 

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The facility can remove all types of substances and coatings common to the oil and gas industry such as hydrocarbons, oils, mud, grease and marine growth as well as paint and coatings.

Why Use The Industrial Wash Bay & Aftermarket Facility?

Remove all coatings from pipes, valves, skips, tube bundles, exchanger plates, 1502 fittings, fuel bunkering hoses, subsea trees, anchors, pumps, motors, spools, flanges, tongs...

  • Pressures up to 2,500 bar for carrying out internal retro jetting, hotwash and degreasing
  • Enclosed and comes with a 3 stage Interceptor, handling hydrocarbons, oils, mud, grease and marine growth
  • Hot wash, chemical wash and ultra high pressure wash
  • Guaranteed no damage to seal areas or expensive metals
  • Forklift trucks and manpower for handling all client equipment
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Removal of paint from equipment that cannot be shotblast
  • Wash Bay is fully bunded to isolate and handle waste safely


About BME Services

From the project engineering team to the experienced & competent field technicians we will, by utilising the most efficient, advanced & innovative equipment deliver proven solutions on time, within budget to the safest of standards.

Our equipment maintenance services help you to reuse, refurbish or recycle your components and vessels with the minimum of downtime, returning them to production fast, always with the environment and safety at the forefront of our priorities.

About BME Services

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