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Industrial Wash Bay

Industrial Wash Bay

The cleaning facility has been developed to safely and securely handle various products from valves and spools to cooler plates and subsea templates.

The BME Services Wash Bay Facility

As part of BME Services’ full engineering package, the BME Industrial Wash Bay facility in Bridge of Don, provides a fast and efficient turnaround on UHP and HP water jetting operations carried out by our highly trained operators to remove all types of substances and coatings common to the oil and gas industry.

  • Our wide range of machinery is capable of pressures up to 2,500 bar carrying out internal retro jetting, hotwash and degreasing.
  • Enclosed and comes with a 3 stage Interceptor, handling hydrocarbons, oils, mud, grease and marine growth
  • Range of pumps - 100bar - 2500bar
  • Hot wash, chemical wash and ultra high pressure wash
  • Pipes, valves, skips, tube bundles, exchanger plates, 1502 fittings, fuel bunkering hoses, subsea trees, anchors, pumps, motors, spools, flanges, tongs
  • Guaranteed no damage to seal areas or expensive metals
  • Forklift trucks and manpower for handling all client equipment
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Removal of paint from equipment that cannot be shot blast